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Cases - Real life examples

Streamlined Operations: See how we overhauled an omnichannel retailer's inventory management, reducing stockouts and overstocks by over 50%.

Automation Mastery: Discover how we revolutionized a dropshipping business, scaling from 400 to over 15,000 products with seamless automation, maintaining a lean team.

Revolutionary Efficiency: Learn how we cut mail sorting time by 70% for the BLCC, transforming their operations with AI and automation.

Proactive Monitoring: Explore how we transformed an online retailer's approach to website functionality, ensuring seamless customer experiences by pre-emptively identifying and resolving issues.

Simplified Ordering: See the transformation in ordering processes, where a single button press generates supplier orders directly from the ERP, enhancing income and customer satisfaction.

Profit Maximization: Learn about our addon that enabled automatic supplier ordering based on sales data, ensuring products are always in stock, significantly boosting profits.

Seamless Integration: Learn how we connected an e-commerce platform's ERP system with its online shop engine, eliminating manual entry and enabling real-time stock updates.

Expanded Customer Base: See how our solution not only optimized production but also attracted more wholesale and retail customers by significantly enhancing management speed and efficiency.

Speed Enhancement: Discover how we tripled a top-tier YouTube production company's video editing speed, enabling higher content output and significant cost savings.

Enhanced Accessibility: See how this solution provided a seamless transition between devices, improving efficiency and user experience, and giving the marketplace a competitive edge.

Immediate Benefits: See the transformation in efficiency, with orders ready for shipping moments after confirmation, significantly reducing workload and improving customer service response times.

Rapid Expansion: Discover how we enabled a multi-channel retailer to add 500 new products to their online platforms in under 10 minutes, dramatically expanding their market presence.

Dramatic Time Savings: Discover how we reduced the refund processing time for an online retailer from 15 minutes to just 30 seconds per transaction, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

PSD2 Compliance Mastery: Discover how we crafted a marketplace for showroom and outlet models, seamlessly integrating a partner portal and PSD2-compliant payment solutions, ensuring regulatory compliance and secure transactions.

Innovative Solution: Developed a PIM from scratch to convert dynamic internal SKUs to web-compatible static products, integrating features like rule-based product conversion, image editing, seasonal pricelists, SEO content addition, and auto-translation.

Comprehensive Transformation: Transitioned a high-end pet fashion manufacturer from B2B to D2C, facilitating the management of high-volume orders and enhancing scalability by integrating a custom ERP/PIM system that streamlined operations across customer service, inventory, and fulfillment processes.

Intelligent Stock Management: Implemented logic to treat drop-shipping inventory counts of 1 as 0 and created rules to override stock values and disable products based on specific criteria, optimizing inventory management.

Enhanced Marketing Capabilities: Facilitated advanced marketing strategies such as customer segmentation based on purchase behavior, sending review reminders, and creating targeted welcome messages, significantly enhancing the marketing team's ability to engage with customers and drive recurring business.

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