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Transforming Drop-Shipping

Higher Margins, Faster delivery, More sales

Setting the scene

Our client, a dropshipping website with a smaller product range (400 products), is preparing for a significant product range and supplier size expansion to over 15.000 products and over 20 suppliers.

The team size is small, and we want to keep it to avoid increasing fixed costs during this expansion—the motto: More with less.

The Challenge(s)

The product range comes from small suppliers who only sometimes have automated solutions in place and often run a smaller, less professional setup. So why is this a good thing? It provides a margin which is often challenging for drop-shippers. Combined with high levels of automation, it creates the ability to push harder on marketing.

Running a product range with a small number of suppliers is one thing. Still, as the suppliers and number of orders grow, ensuring the time spent per order is minimal while guaranteeing service levels is essential.

The good thing is that even though many of these suppliers don't have a professional setup, they do have e-commerce websites that are kept up-to-date, so let's help them help our clients.

How did we solve it?

The aim was super automatisation and exception management to push service levels. Our vision was:

- Reduce lead-times

- Always up-to-date information

- Attractive onboarding of suppliers

- Minimal team workload

To achieve this, we leverage the e-commerce sites for order management, tracking codes, refunds and product information:

- Connectors to import product-info and export orders

- Exception dashboards

- Automated billing and refund processing

- built-in product information management

All suppliers can offer their products by installing the connector after agreeing to the terms and conditions; they are signed up and selling on the platform in minutes.

What are the results?

Revenue up by 1000% within months, run by the same team size, little email and high focus on customer service.

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