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3D printing order automation

Unlocking the potential of economy of scale

Setting the scene

A 3D printing company made different products on demand with a 3D printing technology. However, with forty 3D printers and a 24/7 production cycle, the company has still managed their orders manually.

The Challenge(s)

With an increased number of clients, manual order management was a bottleneck. As a result, we had to transform information from a regular e-commerce database to a useful lean production tool.

How did we solve it?

We’ve created a special dashboard for 3D printer operators where they cannot only see the production queue but also download all needed files and wirelessly send them to 3D printers.

What are the results?

The dashboard opened new possibilities for this 3D printing company, and more wholesale and retail customers were added because of increased management speed. Now orders go to production five times faster than before.

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