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Automated E-Commerce Monitoring

Monitoring Performance and functionality

Setting the scene

The online retailer struggled with manual website testing scenarios and multiple client issue reports. Even a small bug in the checkout process led to thousands of dollars in profit loss per hour and clients' disappointment.

The Challenge(s)

The company has multiple shops on different web engines, including Magento, Shopware 6 and Shopify. Some of the test scenarios were complex and required entering user information like a unique name and email.

How did we solve it?

We've divided all manual test scenarios into small steps and automated them using the Selenium framework (Selenium Framework is a suite of automation testing tools based on the JavaScript framework. It could run the tests directly on the target browser, drive the interactions on the required web page and rerun them without any manual input. It eliminates repetitive manual testing that consumes lots of time and effort.). For example – adding an item to a shopping cart, logging in, and searching for a product. After doing this, we could run more complex scenarios by using small tests as construction blocks.

We were also able to emulate natural user behavior without involving manual labor, so our test system generates unique names, addresses and information that real users fill in during online shopping.

To ensure that automatic tests are run correctly, we've created a dashboard where you can see the status of all test scenarios and even watch a video recording of all the steps.

Of course, it also includes a notification system when a developer team immediately get an alert in case some of the crucial website features stop working.

What are the results?

Crucial tests are running regularly to ensure customers can order and pay for products. So instead of waiting for a message from disappointed customers who couldn't buy the product, our client now has a tool to see and fix potential issues almost immediately.

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