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Automating order-importing from 5 websites and 2 marketplaces

Fully automated, bi-directional order integration

Setting the scene

Our client, a high-end pet fashion manufacturer, is digitizing all administrative workflows and reporting.

In recent history, they have transitioned from a white-label B2B company to a D2C company shipping to over five countries.

Their seven sales channels are 4 Shopify websites, one Showpare6 website and two marketplaces.

The Challenge(s)

Create an automated workflow that eliminates manual work to import orders into the ERP. Instead, create a real-time data flow to allow for speedy processing of incoming orders without burdening the team.

This case is part of "Supercharged Manufacturing" where we zoom in on aggregating the orders from various websites and marketplaces to create a hyper-efficient input of orders, where there is no time wasted on fault-sensitive copy-pasting of address and order items.

How did we solve it?

Creating one solid order-import flow is paramount. This robust import mechanism has a few simple steps:

  1. Tooling receives new-order-notice or triggers via a recurring task. The periodic task is in place should the tooling not receive an order notice.
  2. Import the raw-order data and prepare it for processing. In case of errors, keep the data safe for retry. This second step avoids unwanted duplicates or lost orders.
  3. Processing order data and publishing it into the ERP.

In this simple workflow, we attach the various sales channels. Then, we differentiate between platforms and created custom API connectors to get the required information. Adding new websites or platforms, it's as simple as adding in a new setting or constructing a fresh API connector.

What are the results?

This tooling gives the team fully automated, unattended order imports, where all orders are ready for shipping within moments of confirmation.

This tooling has eliminated the need for copy/paste order processing and moved to near-realtime input instead of 1 to 2 hours. As a result, this software:

  • reduced their workload
  • increased cut-off time
  • improved the company's scalability
  • allowed customer service to respond to queries on new orders immediately

These Tweaves are often a tremendous entry-level exercise if your company wants to start automating.

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