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Automated Marketplace with PSD2 compliance

Building a marketplace with partner portal, automated payments and shopware6 integration

Setting the scene

This eCommerce startup aims to offer showroom- and outlet models for many retail outlets on its websites.

The Challenge(s)

Firstly, we need to give the retail outlets their own place to manage their stock and products without knowing how the website works. A splendid user experience is paramount.

Secondly, due to several new EU regulations, you cannot simply take the money and forward it minus your commission. You are required to be PSD2 compliant (The revised Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) aims to better align payment regulation with the market and technology's current state).

How did we solve it?

First, we built a partner portal where customers can log in to view and edit their stock and products and set up a secure PSD2 payment connection to the marketplace account.

Secondly, we created an API endpoint to allow partners to connect their stock in real-time to the marketplace. This API endpoint helps avoid disappointment with customers by avoiding duplicate orders.

Thirdly, we connected the partner portal to the Shopware6 website to import the orders and update stock in real-time.

As a fourth part, we created a custom payment plugin (plug-in, also called add-on or extension, computer software that adds new functions to a host program without altering the host program itself) to change the Mollie payments to allow for PSD2-compliant split payments. By creating a customer payment plugin, both marketplace and partner are each ensured to get their fair share of the revenue without manual transfers.

And finally, our team developed a chatbot to allow partners to add their products via chat to create a competitive edge.

What are the results?

By developing the partner portal, we give the partners an efficient means to set up their connection with the marketplace.

Our client can convince even the tech-averse partners to add products by adding a chatbot to add products.

By creating the custom payment plugin, we allow the marketplace to operate PSD2-compliant with the use of existing technologies.

The entire project is a beautiful example of what it means to Tweave.

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