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Managing product range through a telegram bot

Revolutionising product management

Setting the scene

The marketplace for showroom models has discovered that many of their partners are quite a tech-averse crowd. As a result, they rather stand in the shop talking to customers instead of adding products to a website.

The Challenge(s)

Design a way partners are intrigued to add their products to the platform and enjoy the process.

How did we solve it?

People love to chat; their phones are an extension of their arms.

So let's use that to our advantage.

We designed a telegram bot (A bot is a software program that operates on the Internet and performs repetitive tasks) which allows partners to add and manage products via Telegram—a comfortable, interactive interface which asks the right questions. No training is needed, just answering questions.

Why Telegram and not WhatsApp? Contrary to WhatsApp, Telegram welcomes the use of bots and has provided some powerful tools to develop advanced, interactive interfaces.

What are the results?

From prospecting for partners to adding products, this chatbot is winning the hearts and minds of users. They can add products from their phones, switch to the desktop and go back to mobile seamlessly.

It's easy to use and requires no training. It's precisely the competitive edge our marketplace sought in a solution.

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