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Transforming Product Information Management

Reinventing how product information is managed

Setting the scene

An omnichannel retailer, managing 25 stores, seven websites, three marketplaces and re-creating 500 brochures on every price change needs a modernisation. The work involved and time to market are too challenging to keep pushing forward.

The Challenge(s)

Create a PIM (PIM Product information management is the process of managing all the information required to market and sell products through distribution channels) which allows the team to manage and assign all products centrally. Allowing product validation, enrichment and distribution to Shopware,6 Magento2 and WordPress, not forgetting about automated brochures and enriching marketplace feeds for and amazon.

The core thing one needs to understand is that in the modern web, we expect SKUs to be static. One product cannot have multiple SKUs or change SKUs without significant work on the product. In our customer's case, the internal systems have many SKUs pointing to the same product. To further complicate things, these SKUs also change often, to be replaced by a new version - but without pointing to the old version.

How did we solve it?

We designed and built a PIM system from the ground up to handle the conversion from dynamic to static - web-compatible - products. In this PIM, users can:

  • Create rules to determine the product-conversion
  • Assign default and variations properties (think T-Shirts, the brand is the same for all sizes. But the size is different for every variation of that product)
  • Upload and edit images inside of the app. (no need for photoshop or more resizing tools)
  • Create seasonal pricelists and assign different prices to each product
  • Allows you to add SEO content and will auto-translate this content into your other required languages

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly. The PIM will detect errors, enforce data quality and create the Todo's for the users when data is missing or incorrect.  

What are the results?

The complete PIM allows the team to work without internal handicaps, requires little to no training, and creates a record time-to-market with one single source of product truth across all channels.

No matter what languages, what website or which store you visit. This PIM ensures everyone can work from the same information, entered once.

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