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Setting up lean inventory management for a retail shop

Increase profit of a retail shop with inventory management solution

Setting the scene

A retail shop was struggling with manual ordering. There was no understanding of how many products were available in stock now. The only way was to manually count products or rely on visual presumptions of product amounts.

The Challenge(s)

The business owner also wanted to have a lean inventory system where you would have the ability to automatically send orders to a supplier based on previous sales amounts.

How did we solve it?

We’ve started with a standard Inventory software because it has an easy plug-and-play solution for retail shops to use payment terminals, a laser barcode scanner and a connection with accountant software. But it didn’t allow us to extrapolate previous sales data to make automatic orders from suppliers.

And so, after installing the standard solution, we’ve developed an addon that analyzes previous sales and delivery times from a supplier to make new orders.

What are the results?

After implementing a lean inventory solution, time spent on inventorisation and ordering decreased more than ten times. But also it increased the shop profit because now all products were available thanks to the automatic ordering system.

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