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Automating refund processing

Reducing time spent from 15 minutes to 30 seconds

Setting the scene

An online retailer selling through 3 websites with two different payment systems found themselves taking too much time to refund orders.

The Challenge(s)

Refunding 20 orders per day, they found themselves in a position spending around 15 minutes for the following flow:

  • Find the order on the right website to identify the transaction id
  • Find that order in their payment platform
  • Refund the money
  • Create the credit-note
  • Send a message to the customer

How did we solve it?

Instead, we built them a telegram bot. This bot gives the user to option to input the order-id. Instead of manually looking up the information, the bot will:

  • Ask the order-id
  • Confirm to refund the entire order or just a portion

Behind the screens, the order will look up the order in the various systems, identify the transaction ids, refund money, create the credit note and finally inform the customer that they have been refunded.

What are the results?

By reducing the number of steps the user takes to 2, we have reduced the time it takes for the user to refund orders from 15 minutes to 30 seconds.

Multiply that amount of time by the hourly rate of your staff, times the number of orders you refund every month, and you know how much these types of automation are worth. Super low-hanging fruit if you handle some volume. Remember also to count your overheads and the cost of recruitment. Not only the pure cost of staff.

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