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Video editing process automation

Increasing video editing speed by 3 times

Setting the scene

A YouTube video production company which has more than 25 millions subscribers among all platforms and 2 Billions monthly views was in need of editing automation.

Due to slow video editing speed the company was losing money because there were not enough video to publish and also the cost per 1 edit was incredibly high.

The Challenge(s)

More than 100 videos per week needed to be edited, but the company didn’t have an inhouse editor. And the level of freelance editors were not high enough to edit with high speed and high quality at the same time.

Also the budget for the editing team was very tight which led to creative automation solutions.

How did we solve it?

First we analyzed the current editors hiring and working processes. We’ve created BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), also called Business Process Model and Notation, is an open standard to diagram a business process. It is like a flowchart and uses standardized graphics to represent the participants, choices and flow of the process) diagrams for hiring highly motivated but low cost video editing freelancers and developed a motivation system for them. These BPMN schemes were later used by inhouse lead developers to create a fully automated rating system for video editors.

We’ve also created full on-boarding and training materials. The key to success was to develop an automated work environment, that’s why we standardized the editing process and implemented Macros automation for each editor.

What are the results?

During this 6 month project we’ve increased average editing speed by 3 times which led not only to saving enormous amounts of money but also increased revenue from video ads because of publishing more content in social media.

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