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Enabling Marketing Automation with a Legacy ERP

Retrofitting the ERP for modern capabilities and allow for Klaviyo marketing automation

Setting the scene

A multi-channel retailer with over 25 physical locations, three eCommerce websites and one marketplace, selling over 1000 products every day. Yet, burdened by the inability to leverage modern technologies due to a legacy ERP (Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a type of software system that helps organisations automate and manage core business processes for optimal performance).

The Challenge(s)

Marketing automation through Klaviyo (Klaviyo is a global technology company that provides a marketing automation platform, used primarily for email marketing and SMS marketing) or another tool is essential for any omni-channel business. You want to be able to:

  • Invite customers to write reviews after delivery
  • Remind them when their purchase needs upgrading or replacing
  • Drive recurring business
  • Segment them by location, purchase behaviour 
  • Send out welcome-drip-messages

But how do you get all that transactional information into a tool like Klaviyo when your ERP doesn't support external connectors or doesn't even have a decent API?

How did we solve it?

After wrapping the legacy database with modern tools, we could pull all the data into a modern Django toolkit. Even though we cannot have 100% live data, we do manage to update everything every 5 minutes by running it through some clever software.

Thanks to this wrapping method, your new, modern toolkit knows the same information as your ERP, but with a 5-minute delay.

Now that we have the data available inside the new tooling, we have signals allowing us to connect events. These events will send the transactional information, including order details and statuses, to Klaviyo (or any other tool you need, for that matter).

Finally, your team can create segments, welcome flows, send review reminders, and more.

What are the results?

The marketing team can automatically segment customers based on their purchase behavior by retrofitting the Legacy ERP with modern tools.

This method readily applies to populate CRMs, WMS (WMS warehouse management system), and many other tools. It's a great budget-friendly way to implement new technologies without the cost of a complete restructuring of your IT systems.

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