About Us


Who/What is Tweave? We're a consultancy company with software development capability.

Meet the tweavers; we're a team of strategic thinkers and do-ers bringing intelligent, long-term improvements into our client's organisations.

We're here to help build efficient, growing companies. Our expertise is invaluable in driving innovation, growth and increasing efficiency. So even where teams spend too much time doing manual work or the volume of transactions exceeds the physical capabilities of any man or woman, Tweave is the team to involve.

The same goes for our tech startup and scale-up clients. They love to work with us because of our pragmatic result oriented thinking. We combine our long-term values with a low-hanging fruit methodology and detail-oriented work.

Meet The Core tweavers

What happens when you take a small group of unique individuals with their own specialisations, Every single one, driven for excellence? All people who believe that teamwork can move mountains? You get Tweavers!


Sascha Dobbelaere

Driven by a desire to accomplish, our Director is well experienced in most levels of an organisation.


Glenn Miller

Motivated to propel businesses forward, our project manager is ready to ensure every project is delivered and implemented flawlessly.


David Bran

Obsessed by great tech, David is rocking it on the full-stack development side. (Yes, including testing...)


Natascha Tiotuico

Team leader, guiding our structure, guarding over the quality of our deliverables.


Alexandru Dodon

Rocking the frontend world, making sure all our apps are user-friendly and error-less.

Making business better through digital tools.

+44 204 577 1661

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